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The book shelf

Our eyes are constantly on our screens, but sometimes we prefer the smell of a book, the feel of the pages under our fingers, and the texture of the cover. We let our tablet or reader to rest. We like the ritual that allows us to put technology aside for the time of a story.

We want a quick and easy access to our books. Our space is too small to install a bookcase, but big enough to sit in a comfortable chair. It's a corner large enough to develop our imagination, but intimate, enveloping and comforting.

Coffee time

The books we have started to read are placed in the Roman. We take a special time for ourselves, a special time for a story. The side table is clear enough to place our coffee cup. Today it's a coffee, tomorrow it will be a hot chocolate!

We need a well-designed stand with a clean design that enhances the space. We like great quality, we love nice designs, and functionality is a plus. The space is increased, uncluttered.


We like to organize things differently. Every curve is thoughtfully designed, and the proportions are calculated so we can keep our books in parallel, for more space. Every angle is purposefully designed.

The Roman is a compact and elegant stand for our favorite books. It can handle the largest books, and it can be installed in a small space. Its steel construction and heavy-duty paint provide durability and a high-end finish.

How can we help you clean up your space and create a comfortable place for you to be?

*Also available in 24 inches length. 


Made of steel with a high-quality powder coat finish.

Available in textured black and matte white.

Made in Quebec, like all our products!

Dimensions in inches: 24 X 8 X 5 (WxHxD)

Dimensions in centimeters: 58 X 20 X 13 (WxHxD)