About us


[i] adv. (Latin hic, ici) - Means a place in French.

Lisse [lis] adj. - Means smooth in French. Represents a surface without roughness to the eye.


Founded in 2020 by Hubert Therrien

It all started with a house, where we wanted to raise our family. We dreamed of our home, we chose it carefully. We dreamed of a place where we could live comfortably, entertain and recharge. We renovated, furnished and decorated our space, we made it a warm and comfortable refuge.

We wanted a free entrance, for a soothing return from work, a relaxing reading corner, a tidy and efficient office. We wanted to feel at home.

One solution is not enough. We want the one that fits best with our environment, a durable, solid and well thought-out solution: a current design. 

We dream of our first home, the fortress of our family.

We deserve quality, and we want to share that with you, so you can be part of the adventure.

Sustainable quality

We want a nice future for our kids. Our packaging is 90% recycled. Everything is made locally so transportation is minimal. We make solid objects that are durable and resistant to reduce over-consumption.

Every object is carefully inspected, the shipping is fast and efficient, the client satisfaction is our priority.


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Mission Statement

We provide durable object and inspiring design made in Quebec.

Made in Quebec