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The cookbook holder

What could be more comforting than the smell of fresh bread, the aroma of a delectable recipe, or the taste of a good meal? The kitchen is a place of gathering, happy memories, and festivities. The recipes of our grandmothers, or even of a great chef, are carefully preserved in our cookbooks. 

With enough of love, the right tips and the right tools, recipes can be changed into memorable meals.

We didn't have a dedicated place to keep our books, and there was no question of a
library in the kitchen. We were looking for a place to organize our recipes so they would be at our fingertips.

In the kitchen

We like to have quick access to our cookbooks. In their pages are the details that change everything, turning the simplest mashed potatoes into a striking side dish. We want a compact way to put them, near our work surface, to be part of the furniture.

We love our kitchen when it's ergonomic and functional. It's a centerpiece that needs to be enhanced in every detail. We want it to be inviting, lively and dynamic.


We like to arrange things differently. By placing books in parallel, we can add more of them. The Joel rack can be installed in a small place, while still accommodate larger books. Its steel construction and heavy-duty paint ensure durability and high-end finish.

Its length is the same as the depth of most kitchen counters. This way, it is possible to
install the book rack on the side of our kitchen cabinets.

How can we make your kitchen more enjoyable and user-friendly?


Made of steel with a high-quality powder coat finish.

Available in textured black and matte white.

Made in Quebec, like all our products!

Dimensions in inches : 23 X 8 X 5 (WxHxD)

Size in centimeters: 59 X 21 X 13 (WxHxD)