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The toilet paper dispenser

 It's a place where great ideas are born. An intimate place, rarely shared, with a few exceptions. The door is locked, away from the hubbub outside the room. Certain elements are essential, indispensable accessories.

It is also the room with durable materials, a room of great value in the choice of a residence.

We look at ourselves in the mirror to take stock, to observe ourselves alone in front of ourselves.

The bathroom

Luxury toilet paper is a must. We could buy the cheapest one that tears, chafes and sticks, but we choose the quilted paper.

Even in its classiest form, a roll of toilet paper isn't worth showing off, but hiding it is definitely worse (especially for guests!). We appreciate a toilet paper holder that is discreet so as not to draw attention, but well designed for easy access.

The toilet paper holder has a simple design that allows it to be pulled out with one hand, unrolled slowly and supported properly.

We appreciate a neat space, right down to the smallest detail.

How can we enhance the quality of your bathroom?


Made of steel with a high quality powder coat finish.

Available in textured black and matte white.

Made in Quebec, like all our products!

Dimensions in inches : 23 X 8 X 5 (WxHxD)
Dimensions in centimeters : 57 X 20 X 13 (WxHxD)